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Product Overview

Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
Teledyne API is known for being a market leader in air quality products.

Analytical Instruments
Teledyne Analytical Instruments designs and manufactures high quality gas and liquid analyzers for industrial, OEM, and medical applications.

Hastings Instruments
Teledyne Hastings Instruments manufactures a complete line of Vacuum Instruments and Flow Instruments for the precise measurement and control of vacuum and gas flows.

Geophysical Instruments
Geophysical Instruments is the leading independent supplier of hydrophones and streamer cables for marine exploration.

Leeman Labs
Teledyne Leeman Labs is an innovator of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis.

Monitor Labs
Teledyne Monitor Labs is a primary supplier of environmental monitoring instrumentation, systems and software.

RD Instruments
Teledyne RD Instruments specializes in the design and manufacture of underwater acoustic Doppler products for a wide array of current profiling and precision navigation applications.

Teledyne Tekmar is the premier manufacturer of Gas Chromatography Introduction Systems and Automated Total Organic Carbon Analyzers.

Test Services
Teledyne Test Services offers a full line of strain-gage-based sensors and instruments for torque and force measurements, and strain gage installation and technical support services.


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